Martyn Andrews is a TV news journalist, presenter and programme exec with a difference. Not only has he lived and worked on major TV projects in the UK, America, Russia, Israel and Germany but he has visited 174 countries (including every country in Europe), has starred in major professional musicals, is an advanced scuba diver, a professional roller skater and a trained Cosmonaut!

Martyn has developed and produced a range of TV content for several networks around the world. Focusing on linear TV and digital platforms for mainly US and UK markets, these formats include history documentaries, travel shows, news and lifestyle programming, extreme sports series, live studio shows and news features. With more lives than a cat, Martyn has risked his life many times for his love of live TV news, current affairs and stories with alternative narratives. From plus 40 to minus 40, he has a passion for making TV that undoubtedly shines through his on and off screen work.

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Martyn has had a varied TV news career of almost 20 years. He has vast experience of being a live news reporter, a TV travel expert for popular programmes in the UK and US and has produced hundreds of social affairs news segments, arts/lifestyle features, historic documentaries and weekly programmes. From live covid-19 news updates in the rain outside Westminster to reporting in front of a Soyuz rocket launch in Kazakhstan – Martyn thrives on TV ratings, working on access driven stories and extreme situations.

Other work includes hosting the award winning diving documentary “My Abyss” (which he trained six months for), reporting live from the Eurovision Song Contest, Co-producing and presenting “Pyramid Quest” – a series on undiscovered Egypt and was one of the main western TV journalists covering the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Finally, Martyn is also a food and restaurant critic, speaks at many conferences and festivals and is a travel and culture expert for press around the world. His many experiences have been written about in feature magazines, inflight publications and travel and news websites in the UK, America, Russia and Australia. (see press).