Machu Picchu, Jerusalem, Cape Town, Lake Baikal, Dubai, Geneva, Niagra falls, Siagon, Nicaragua, Oklahoma, Siberia, Buenos Aires, the Polar Circle, Tokyo, Sydney, the Pyramids, Acapulco, Outer Mongolia, Bath, Monte Carlo, Chicago, Singapore, Mumbai, Cannes, Transilvania, Las Vegas, Warsaw, LA, One night in Bangkok (cue the song) Ok, you get the point – Martyn has been there, bought the T-shirt! In fact, our jet setting airmile loving friend has visited over a staggering 550 cities and towns around the world.  Roughly working out all the flights Martyn has taken over the past ten years, four full passports later – he has easily travelled round the world over 50 times!

Having visited more countries than the Royal Family, as well as Martyn’s several travel shows the popular and informative travel veteran also says he is an “obsessed traveller” aiming to have visited every major city in the world (three quarters there!).

Martyn also has several travel tips, for example; always text yourself your passport number and also scan in your passport and email it to yourself as a “cyber copy”. What to take when travelling? A small coloured scented candle, a pillow, your own toilet paper, first aid kit and air freshner!

Martyn’s breathtaking travel pursuits have been reported in many magazines and newspapers around the world. He is often asked to appear as a travel expert on various TV programmes and also has been guest speaker at various travel shows and conferences.

Martyn also states he is the king of upgrades! Good job!



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The TV project “Undiscovered Egypt“ saw Martyn explore ancient tombs which have not been opened for several decades and finding the truth behind the building of the Giza pyramids!

Produced by RTVI in Tel Aviv (Exec Producer Elena Konstantinou) Martyn and his team lead by Egyptologist Dr. Robert W.Schoch and John Anthony West spent months filming in locations such as Tel Aviv, Cairo, Luxor, Sydney, and temples and sites all over Egypt.

Did the supposed high-tech Atlanteans build the great Giza structures? Martyn discovered in the temple of Abydos – there are hieroglyphics thousands of years old that show actual helicopters. How? Well, Martyn saw it for his own eyes. Take a look for yourselves – its true!

Also no mummies or tombs have ever been found inside any pyramids – all the Pharaohs were put to rest in the Vally of the Kings and Queens. What then are the Pyramids actually for? Isn’t it strange that there are more Pyramids outside Egypt all built around the same time in Tibet and Mexico?

The positioning of the three Pyramids of Giza are exactly aligned with the belt of Orion and if you take the perimeter of the pyramid multiply the height twice, you get a number that is exactly the number pi (3.14159…) Did you also know that the height of the pyramid (481feet) is almost exactly 1/1,000,000,000 of the distance from the earth to the sun (480.6 billion feet)? It goes on and on..